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After a few initial changes, The Mighty Ra lineup was completed just before the 2020 Covid lockdown, what a time to form a band. So using the time wisely the first album was written, lockdown videos were recorded and the plan was formed.

Four like-minded individuals that have the same goal, to make music that we would like to listen to, if anyone else likes it, that would be great.

And so the journey begins, let's rock.

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Band Members


Andy Edwards

Guitar and vocals

Andy is  the guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter for The Mighty Ra and has previously recorded and performed with Ezra and The Fyreworks.
Andy has also appeared on albums by Last Flight to Pluto and Cyan.


Rob Griffiths


Rob the Ra’s drummer has played for various bands including Cirrus and The Nick Ward Band.
Rob has also recorded several albums and has  played live on Tom Robinson's “Introducing” show on BBC Radio 6


Dave Rowe

Bass guitar and vocals

Dave is an experienced bass player, singer / songwriter with over 35 years behind the 4 string.

During his time as both a semi professional & professional musician he has performed  in the Middle East,  Australia, Asia and of course UK / Europe.

As well as joining Andy in The Mighty Ra songwriting, Dave has also released a solo album Beautiful Insanity.

Rob Wilsher

Keyboards and backing vocals

Rob has many years of both live concert and studio recording experience in the UK and Europe and has toured with Magnum and Steve Harris’s British Lion.
He also recorded a live performance for the BBC’s Tommy Vance show.
Rob is also a founding member of Multi Story.

Biog: Band Members
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